Welcome to Module Two – WordPress, Content, & Avatars

WordPress Content for Syndication – and Adding Your Gravatar

The Akismet Plu

What you will do is go and create an account with your business email.  Go to Gravatar  and log in with your WordPress account.

If you do not have a WordPress Account, you should have it to:

  • Create your Akismet Account
  • Create Your Avatar Account

It depends how you want to market  your business, like brand yourself as the expert (which should be done) or a business image.

Click on the links below for the video training:

Here are the steps again and the links will open up in a new tab:

  • Go to WordPress and create an account.
  • Go to Gravatars and sign up with your WordPress.com login credentials

So that was an overview of what you should be doing.  And now we go to the next video to talk about the Akismet Plugin.