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What is Project P.a.C.E.

Project P.a.C.E. is a rigorous, fast-paced educator preparation program designed to prepare and certify highly qualified individuals to teach in Texas public schools.

You have to meet Eligibility Requirements to join Project P.a.C.E. and they are worth it.

You can see those eligibility requirements.

But can you  imagine getting paid as you are becoming a certified teacher through their Alternative Certification Program!

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What we did for Project P.a.C.E.

Now while we did not create the website, the website is maintained by Region One Education Service Center, but we helped with the pages within Project P.a.C.E.  Dr. Andrea Cruz, needed to redesign the structure and look of the page, adding images, video, and social media links to the site.

Visit the Project P.a.C.E. to view their site.

Project Pace - Become a Teacher Today

Harlingen Web Designs has so much to share! Be sure to visit the site. And… Thanks for helping people find us, HWD!

Dr. Andrea Cruz

Coordinator, Project P.a.C.E.

Why We Love Dr. Andrea Cruz…

We have been working together for years, on and off.  She needs help, we help. She is a go-getter and when she wants something, she gets it done…