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RGV DJs rocks the Valley

RGV DJs Providing all type of DJ Music to the Valley

We made a business card for RGV Djs so that he could give to his customers, plus we added the same image throughout the social accounts we added for him with his package: including Google Plus, Twitter, and Facebook…

Want A Professional RGV DJ For Your Event?

What is RGV Djs?

RGV DJs is a DJ service of course providing services to the entire RGV (Rio Grande Valley.

In the fore front, or the cover page, we provided a way for people to share their website on Facebook, while also providing contact information for a phone call, and an email address.

There are times, when it’s easier to contact them without leaving to go to your email, so we provided a contact form, with any questions or comments, so that RGV Djs can see them right away.

We provided share buttons that scroll down the page, in a case where the visitor might want to share to other social accounts that we created for them. And when a visitor visits there page, those buttons follow along.

RGV DJs have had much success with their website in getting clients to their business…

RGV Djs In Harlingen

RGV DJs Services 

We decided to make three separate columns for this rgv dj that rocks the valley, but including the services, upfront, and we added another contact form in a two column layout.

When the person scrolls down the page, they will see the social buttons follow along.

About RGV Djs Services

Map and Contact Information for RGV Djs

Although, you can see the rest of the site, but clicking on the images, on the footer of the site, we showed a map to their site, if they wanted to start an event.

And we also posted icons to join them on their social accounts.  There most popular right now is their Facebook page.

But all a person has to do is to click, and they can follow their social account.

rgv djs footer information and details

How We Helped RGVDJs

This is a funny story.  I had known Gonzalo Garcia aka DJ Que, for a long time, and we were talking at an automotive parts store.

We got into the web design talks, and he was building his own site…I told him that we could make it better to attract more customers…

We created his social accounts with one single image to mark his brand…

We gave him a design for his business cards, we used the same photo across his site, and his social accounts that were included in the package…

You can see his site here on RGVDjs!


I recommend They recreated my website

I can honestly tell you they helped my business get rank 1st on many of the top search engines as Google, Bing, Yahoo and more.

As a result, I am now getting more phone calls and emails; which has led to more business. they have great competitive prices.

Amazingly, this investment paid for itself within a month and a half.

Call them today and start growing your business. They definitely know how.

Gonzalo –

Gonzalo Garcia


Why We Just Love DJ Cue…

As mentioned before he was working on his own website, and after we changed it, we gave him training on how to update it and make changes…when he saw the training, he took action and modifies his own website now with many of his sliders.  He has a questions we answer it.  It’s that simple…