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Do not over spend to make modifications to your website

Website Training To Get Your Site On Fast and Easy!

As a Business owner, you probably do not have the time to make changes to your site, perhaps you do.

With the new custom website,  that we create for you; you will have a way to do your own thing without us charging you a per hour fee…

That’s right!  We have included a training series for you to follow to be off on your own after we hand you the keys to your website!

Training for your Website Editing Needs on the Go!

We give you the training so you can make changes yourself, or have someone from your team make changes for you…

They are on the clock anyhow, why pay us $350 a month to update your site, or $75/hour for changes when you can do it yourself?

Of course, if you do not have time, or a team member to do this, we make changes for $75/per hour, and that’s with a $20 dollar discount already offered to our partners…You!.  Others we charge $95/per hour and probably raise our prices.

If you care a lot about your business, you constantly need to update, take care of your site, and add content.  If you do not have time, we can help you with that.  We do offer a $350/per month plan or a get an yearly subscription for an additional $600 dollar savings.  Find out more about this here.


Website Editing and Training
We welcome website questions and comments

Have Questions and or Comments?

Here are, we have the answers.  In the training section, I encourage you to leave questions if you have any.  We will see it and respond.

We also like good comments, do not get us wrong… If you like it say it, and if you want to give feedback on how to improve it, comment…

Website Designs For Business

Website Training For Your Company Site

There are more videos coming in the next few weeks.  What I do, you will be able to do, if you so choose to do it.  I say every thing is as easy as 123 and abc, but you don’t have to learn it all, all you have to do is maintain your site, and change it at will.

As a customer, you have accounts created, and those will be covered in the training as well…

Have questions or comments, do it on the section below, and you can click on subscribe to email so that way, you will know when I reply…