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Your RGV SEO Strategies are NOT in Stake

But your GMB ( Google my Business) listing can benefit from an upgrade

Edit Your Google My Business Page for Your RGV SEO Results

While working with business owners, I noticed descriptions for Google My Business was not available, and I wondered where they had gone to. They had just plain removed it.  Now it’s back!

According to Search Engine Land, Google has updated their local knowledge to allow it, so make sure you take advantage of this update.

Make sure you go in there and update your GMB listing, and update your Google my Business listing. If you have not yet claimed your listing, we do have a post on how to claim and verify your listing.

Now, to you update your business description, login to your gmail, then to go your Google My Business account and log in. Or just go directly to GMB, log in with your gmail account associated with your business, and make your changes.

Once signed in your Google My Business listing:

  • click on the info button on the left hand side
  • scroll down your info page
  • click on the pencil to edit your business description in the middle of the dashboard

Make sure to follow their terms so that you don’t get black listed.  You can click on the help buttons to learn more, how to do it, as they give instructions.

In those help terms, you can click to learn more, but there is also help notes for business description guide lines.


Your Business Wants to Be in The 3 pack of Google

What is the 3 pack of Google?  Well, have you ever searched for a business, and they showed up?  This is local SEO, and your business needs to be there.

Imagine if you do a search for restaurants in Harlingen, or whatever city you prefer. The top local listings will be on top, and then there will be a button on the bottom to view more listings…most people will not click there…

And with the new description for the Google updates, now you can show up and out do yourself by creating your own story. Will this help you, yes…will you show up in the 3 pack, well, this helps and you must take action, yet, you need your listings and citations set up and congruent…


Have fun creating…

If you need help, feel free to contact us and we will be sure to help you and your business…

Have questions or comments?  Do so below, and join us on social media below…and share if you found this information helpful…


Over and oout