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HCISD Has A Plan for Harlingen Schools and for Students

Your Children Grows With HCISD

Your children are here, and now you will have a voice to improve the school system and building upgrading for your kids…

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Which is The The Future For HCISD and The Students of Harlingen

Why not vote if you live in Harlingen, Tx…and Say yes to this proposal.  You will not lose, let your kids prosper, they are our future!

I was there at Dishman Elementary where there was a great turn out, and great questions were asked and addressed favorably.

Do not miss your chance to vote. You have a voice.

There is early voting.  And you can find out more Harlingen. I Just Voted For Yes for the TRE

For more information about voting just visit the site below:


Or call to (956) 430-9500

Make Sure you click on the share buttons below, like and share…HCISD has a plan, and I would not post this article if I didn’t beleive in it.

Feel free to comment below, but also share it with friends and family in the Harlingen area. It’s that Important!