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A company can have multiple tools for their business.For example, an accountant can use accounting software. A mechanic can use an air compressor, and builder can use both manual and powered tools to complete their tasks.

All of these types of businesses though, need a few things to get started to be online.

We are going to start with the basics.  With is a domain name, a hosting account, a business email, and an autorepsonder which is optional, but recommended.

Search and buy domains from Namecheap


With hosting, you can use your webserver to create your free business .com email address. This can be tied into your personal email account, and used as a professional email address. The problem only exists when sending or receiving is the delayed action. Meaning sent and received messages will take a while to receive or to send, but they will be delivered though.

Professional Email:

You can use Google for this. There is a service both a personal or a business account, and each with it’s own pricing. With the personal account you will get up to 30GB storage, while the business you will get unlimited storage.

Namecheap Pro Email:

These guys also offer email hosting as well.

Web-based Email Hosting with Namecheap