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You Should For Your Online Reputation for your RGV Business

Because I was startup, I just wanted to give my customers what they needed.  But do you know that your reputation grows, to an extent to which you are discovered and talked about. Everyone and their mamas know about you…Do you?

How Do You Handle Online Reputation?

Do You Know What Your Customers Are Saying About YOU ?

You are a business owner, and your business is online whether you have a website or not.

It is there, and people are already talking about you.  Why not take progressive actions for your reptutation online. Reputation Matters!

The One thing I was foolish about…and you shouldn’t!

You shouldn’t take this lightly.  Ask your customer for a reveiw.  At times, perhaps, you are so caught up and busy to help them, that you forget. But always ask…

Let me give you a simple step process to do so, like a blueprint if you will, so that you will not forget to do it. But first, let me say this…

Reputation Management + Online Marketing

rgvreputationmanagementandmarketingLet’s say we put reputation management and online marketing into the same shoe.  We then have reputation marketing.

We do that to show off the reviews, and there is one simple reason for this.

If we get reviews, and all business owners need it, and we get them.  Why not create a video to boast about the the review.

Like the video below:

[memberplayer id=”802″]

Reputation Management and Marketing Done Right

Now remember, I have had customers, which are business owners just like you, and I was dumb for not asking reviews, but they can help you, especially if you boast about those reviews, so that they can show up in the search engines with video marketing which show up and stand on their own two feet!

When people search for your business for online reviews, they will see what you are doing, but remember to address the issues that people are commenting about you and your business especially if it is not good.

You saw the video above, imagine if that video was about your business? Now imagine, a spokesperson in front of your business, sharing the good reviews for your business.

Do you not think it will help you out  with your company’s reputation marketing?

If so, go here to find out about Reputation Marketing!

Now let me share with you how to gain control of those online reviews.

  • First thing you might want to do is google your business.
  • You can type on the search, your business name, and your city.
  • You may be listed and may not know it. You may have reviews, and you do not know it.

So if you see your business, go to the page, and claim it, then follow the instructions provided by Google Business.

You might be allowed to verify your business with a phone call, a text, but only in certain business’s, others through my experience need to get a code sent through mail that may arrive in your snail mail (the traditional way) so let everyone know to be on the look out for it, or whoever checks the mail.

  • Once you get the verification code, go back to your google plus page and verify your business.
  • Once you claim and verified your business, you can address the replies and reviews people are making for your business.
  • And it doesn’t it end in Google, it happens on Yelp, Merchant Circle, Foursquare and the like.

You as a business owner, need to pay attention to it, and comment and reply to good reviews, and bad reviews to show everyone you are about customer service. website designs in RGV

Well, you can have it, Harlingen Web Designs can help you with your Reputation Marketing. And we talked about that earlier.

Step One – Create Those Accounts to Get Your Reputation Management Game ON!

Find out where you are already listed, and claim your business.  It’s that easy.

I recommend create a template and have the same info across all sites.

Step Two – When you see a review whether it’s good or bad, comment on it

It helps you, it lets the customer and people looking at your business that you care and care for that customer

Step Three – Boast Your Online Business Reputation

Want to know more?

Click the link below for the page that explains more, this is an article, and I want you to understand the process.

RGV Reputation Marketing – Done Easy!

If you have questions or comments, I welcome them. Reputation Marketing in the RGV, for Harlingen, McAllen, and Brownsville and RGV business owners works, you just have to post about them. Anyone can destroy your business, handle it.  Or let us handle it for you!