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RGV Video Marketing– And Why You Should Be Doing It (Come one Guys I mean Video)

There is no way to explain this, but if you have the training and have the know how!  You can start advertising on the internet, much like a commercial that targets your target audience. In my a post I talked about why video marketing works for your RGV business. But I wanted to give you a quick update. By the way, even if you are a complete newbie to videos, you should start now, get some out there…

The Reason Being for Video Marketing is Because

You want people to get to know you, see who you are, and creating a video for your business, accomplishes all that.

Because, it accomplishes many many tasks in a single blow:

  • You get seen–People can see who is driving the business
  • You get brandedYou will better brand your business, yeah, just like billboards, but online
  • You get trustedYou are showing yourself, and that means you want your customers to know who you are
  • You gain credibililtyWhile others hide, you are out there, showing your ugly mug, meeting, discussing, showing
  • You get backlinksYou have your accounts linked, when you post a video, they automatically go to your other pages
  • You gain exposureWhen people search, you show up, they view, you have links to your site or post or page

So to begin, I recently published a couple of videos to YouTube and I don’t have any results for those videos, because I haven’t done anything with them, they are there, and they are on my blog here so you can see…

realization-of-video-rgvSince you are in the RGV, you have to target RGV would be customers, unless you create informational products which I recommend, and I will send out an email to my customers, and subscribers here shortly, where I will share how you can do that.

But back to the story, my videos cannot be seen in the search engines because I have not done anything with them other than just added them to my Carlos Account on Twitter and my google plus page profile, and my Google Plus Business Page.

(Oh, because my accounts are already integrated, this was done automatically.)

But because we are talking about RGV VIDEO MARKETING in the RGV I want to say that I will get my video on the first page of Google.  And it acts like a commercial for people that want to get video for their business.  But why would someone want to?

Because it’s IMPORTANT! As I mentioned above, you’ll get seen and discovered, and draw people who are looking for products and services your business provides to your website where you can be seen.  And it helps your website get discovered as well.

But this is why I am making a bold statment.  You can watch the video below:

[memberplayer id=”730″]

I was going to say I could not be found, and that I it was going to take a day or two, but, nope, it’s already there….

See, when you create videos, not only does it help your site out, but it gives you links back to your site because they stand on their own and come out on results on the search engines, and I will show you that later.

How about that for a bold statement for video marketing?

I was going to use this post to create another in a couple of days, to show you how I could rank a video, but it’s already there.  So that people who need RGV Video Marketing can see it.

And it doesn’t matter what you target, but target it; as a customer, you have my training on keyword research and how to structure silo posts and pages and landing pages…

If you are not a customer yet, and would like a video for your business, you can Contact Us or provide a comment below.  We would like to help you as well.

Do you have any questions or comments, or like some help, comment below.  Show me your tactics on how you rank your video! Show me yours and I’ll show you mine, ha!

Video Markeing Works…Plain and simple!