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The Ultimate Content Marketing StrategyHow To Get More Customers with Content Marketing

Content Marketing Begins With You and Your Business – Start Today!

Let me tell you what Content Marketing is and how it can help your business generate more leads and customers without paying high advertising dollars…


If you view my blog page, you will see my featured image at the time of the posting.  You will see all my featured images. Along with a headline to invite viewers in.

My Little PeanutOn this post, I featured an image of my Little Peanut, and added a bit of lines of content.

Why do I post a picture of my Little Peanut, and use it with lines and content?

Simple enough to invite people in.  You can see that she is looking at you, she want’s to be heard, and it will lead you to read the content on that image.

She does have a wondering and questionable face, doesn’t she?

And the image wants to create curiosity, and lead people in to read what you are talking about now.

That’s where content marketing comes in.

Content Marketing is about planning.  Having a plan of attack to attract an audience, leads and customers.  It’s a waiting results game really, but it can snowball your efforts in the long run.

create-content-onceThere are many forms of content marketing, and I will only touch on it for a bit here, but today, I want to concentrate on the first, which is your Post.

Yes, your blog post, because, customers who have been in my training, know how to structure their site, to make it SEO ready!

The way I see, it, when you interlink, and make posts, you are getting indexed, and each with their own Keyword.

Interlinking also provides a user more of your content marketing, and may keep your readers longer on your site.

And more chances for you to be found.

Content Marketing VS. Paid Advertising

When you pay for advertising, you may get results.  It might not be the results that you want because, it depends on how you do it, and what action you want your visitor to do.Advertising Marketing Gone Bad

You spend lots of dollars to get visited, brag and boast how you are listed on the first page, but after you finish paying, and have to analyze what you did wrong or right, what happens?

You have to go back to the drawing board, because when you stop paying, results stop happening (Along with creating this post, I made a note about this, because a bling idea came into a picture, which will educate business owners in the long run.  I could have saved this in a draft, but so that you know how it helps, I am going to leave it here–I will tell you about it later)…not with content marketing though.

You can suck at content creation and content marketing at the start, but you will become a KING at it in the end.


 Content Marketing Is KING After All!

Have you not noticed how many Big Business’s have been using Content Marketing ?

People Have Questions – They Have Problems

You Have a Solution

Content Marketing is a simple approach that you can take to get more customers into your business, by creating an audience first.

But how can you create an audience, when a few people click on your website and then leave?

The answer is content marketing

Content Marketing can be described like giving the cow for free.  You roll up your sleeve, and write the information that your audience my will find helpful, so that they can use it, and take action on it.

Your Audience - Tribe..Your customers

The Content Marketing Institute describes content marketing as:

Content marketing is a strategic marketing approach focused on creating and distributing valuable, relevant, and consistent content to attract and retain a clearly-defined audience — and, ultimately, to drive profitable customer action.

They continue by saying that it’s a no-interruption marketing, that instead of pitching your products or services, you are delivering information that makes your buyer more intelligent. The essence of this content strategy is that they reward us with their business and loyalty, once delivering consistent and ongoing valuable information.

Content Marketing comes in many forms, but it’s supposed to be engaging, educating, and shareable.


A few instances of content marketing that can help you is with this simple list are:

  • A Blog Post – This is where you should start.  This is where your content comes alive, it comes from you, or you can have this outsourced, because there are only so many hours in the day.  But this is vital to business owners of any kind.
  • Web Pages – I am not talking about the static pages, like the about us page, or contact page, but a webpage that has something that the potential client can engage in.  Elegant themes (affiliate link) can and will allow you to try the new work live. It’s like a try before you buy.  Others let you use their pages, like MOZ Research tools.  You can type in any url to check the authority or backlinks to any site.  There is a paid option, but you can check your site on it.  It’s how they get their customers.
  • Infographics -This will be a visual representation of a chart or a diagram and represents information or data.  Can work great work your blog, your Web 2.0 accounts, FB Page, Pinterest, and any image site sharing site.  But why not post it to your blog as well.
  • Podcasts – This is an audio file.  You can see these on my blog posts, and many have developed a podcast series that customers, and potential clients can sign up and listen to.  They are usually placed in their own site, and each one is stored there.  They can often be downloaded so that anyone can hear it on their own time.
  • Videos – With videos that you create, you can share them to any social site, add them to YouTube, with any category that you like, and create different channels for each category.  You can also add them to other video sharing sites as well.  You can post them to your site, right on the blog.
  • Books/Ebooks – You can create these to show ideas, share information, how-to’s, and have people download them from your website, or sell them on Amazon, or give them away on Amazon at the start.  Either or, you will place links back to your site, and you can use these to create a following, a tribe, your audience. You can create them with your valuable content that you already shared on your blog.

Why Blog Posts for Content Marketing?

editingcontentmarketingI think so that the most important thing that you need to understand is why it’s important for your business..

You will write you notes, it’s ok; If you take a pen and paper, and start to write. Perhaps a recorder while your driving is right for you.

I use them both, but I always go back to drawing board in the end for my other websites.

But after you create your post, article, blog, you will need to add visuals.

From that single post, you can share it to your Web 2.0 accounts, social sharing sites, and have a link back to your original article, or to a squeeze page, or have them share your article so that it can be shared, read, and spread…You have to be seen in the world of the many postings…

In a blog, article, to your website, you create an online asset that can be seen through weeks, months, and even years to come, as long as you continue to edit them.

For example, at the very top of this post, I got an idea.  Once I post this, I will place a link to this article on my post, and then place a link back to this article back to my new article.

So now I will be interlinking to my own site.

You can link your articles/blog to your webpages…so that they can take action on your call to action.

When you create this content, you can refurbish it to a video training, to an ebook, to anything that you want…content is alive and happening…

Make Your Content Outstanding!

For now, what you need to do is plan your  Content Marketing Strategy

Content needs to be created, so that when people search on the internet,  you can be found.

If you make it shareable enough, you will get backlinks to your site, which is what you want, so that search engines places  you at the top as well.

And if you need leads, you will need an email marketing strategy, and that has to be done as well, segmented, and continued.

The world is at your feet, create, create, create...

Only you can stop yourself…they are waiting for you, meet them….Invite the In!

Don’t be your competitor, be more…

Your Competitor is Using Content Marketing

Isn’t Time You Started?

Like or comment, share, and let me know what problems you are having with your marketing…I will be glad to help…Like us on Facebook as well, and share this…