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Video Marketing Will Work For Your RGV Business Webstie

What Do I Mean About Video Marketing?

Video marketing allows you to publish everywhere, so people can see and get used to your ugly mug.

But do not neglect what is on the rise.  Not only with users on smart devices, but everyone in general, video works, because it creates engagement.  What you can do with a thousand words, you can do it in a minutes worth of video.


You want this for various reasons which might include:

  • Branding
  • Name Recognition
  • Gaining Trust
  • and Online Sales

It’s a way to get things out there.  You post, you share, across many sites, not just your own, but give them a way to get back to your site, your review, and/or offer…

Now this is why I created this video and why video marketing works!

But it has to be mobile friendly as well, as I talked about mobile friendly websites, you should also have mobile friendly videos on your site. So that when you create a video, it can span easily across all devices, not just a computer.

What do I mean?

Well I will use this example right here.  The screen does not adjust, even if your website is responsive, your video may not be, and well, it’s important.  Because, as I mentioned on the video above, if your site is responsive, and your videos are not, what’s the point.

What a Responsive Video is NOT!

Watch This Video And See!

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Let’s talk Video Players and Why I Use This One for My Video Marketing

Let me walk you through the steps I take, when creating a video.  Perhaps this is all you ever going to need.  At the same time, I am going to show you this amazing tool that I use to create content for my website.

  • 1st I am going to publish this on Youtube (it’s the the video you already saw–and then I will post a link to come to this page)
  • 2nd–I am going to upload video files to my server (behind the scene)
  • 3rd–You will see how it comes together

Next, for all my customers, you have access to this, you have it, you don’t need to do anything, for everyone else, I want to tell you this…

For Your Video Marketing Strategy You Start On Your Site

Like Bullet list items that makes the video popup – Great for Membership Training, or anything Really. Just Click on a link below to see what I mean!

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You can even post grid videos with this powerful plugin

Just Click on Any One of Them!

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I am not sure what you do in your business, and perhaps you pay your website developer guy every month to do things for you, but right now, when you click the link below, I will give you access to my WordPress Training, so you can stop paying them NOW!

Click To Get Access HERE!

Now just imagine, you will have to waste less dollars but getting more results.  Believe me I have been where you are.  Just by clicking on the link below, you will get access.

Not only will you get a great video player for your site, but, you will get access to my training which I sell at $47 all day long…

Oh, before I forget, here is the video on responsive Videos.

See Video Marketing and Responsvie Interact Together!

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Click Here For the BEST Video Player!

What videos players are you using, I like to hear your inputs.  If you have questions or comments, let it be known…Video Marketing works!